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Village of Kamen Bryag

Village of Kamen Bryag is popular with its ever burning small fire, which impresses the tourists for many years now and is an assembly point of the people, who meet the sunrise of the first July sun. Nowadays July Morning is among the holidays in the cultural calendar of Municipality of Kavarna. The beginning was initiated on 1 July 2007, when personally the singer of Uriah Heep John Lawton sung the song of cult July Morning at sunrise by the coast of the sea.

Village of Kamen Bryag has around hundred houses, which remind of the idyll of the village life with the green verandas of the trellis vines, the parti-colored flower gardens and the abundance of fruits and vegetables. Here you will be welcomed by people with surprising heartiness, spontaneity and hospitality.
Kamen Bryag is a combination of sea in gradating blue-green shades with a beautiful panorama and crystal clear air. Millennia one after the other the people live here in harmony with the nature and preserve untouched recesses of beauty and incredible variety of plants and animals in combination with cultural-historical monuments.


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Village of Kamen Bryag