mussel farm Dalboka
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The impressive Chirakman cape is one of the symbols of Kavarna. It is located at 3 km. to the south of Kavarna as a beautiful end of one lovely valley through which is descending the road from the town to the port and the sea. Exactly here, on the smooth and almost inaccessible Chirakman plateau throughout millennia has bursted intensive life.

During the Hellenic period here has been formed a mighty Thracian-Greek colony with the name Byzone, which has maintained intensive contacts with the rest colonies at the Black Sea coast. In I century B. C., a mighty earthquake has split it and a great part of it has sunk in the sea. This fact from antiquity and until nowadays causes the interest of the tourists.
In IV century was built the mighty fortified wall, which defended the town from the numerous barbarian attacks. This wall has been restored and it represents interest for visit by tourists. From the same time is dated and the basilica, which was revealed as a result of active archeological researches.


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