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Holiday settlement RUSALKA

Holiday settlement Rusalka is located at 20 km. to the east of Kavarna in the unique nature reserve the “Bird bay”.

In the strongly urbanized Europe, the region of Rusalka and the plateau around it is the only preserved until nowadays wild steppe on the continent. The phenomenally picturesque cut cliff coast, the small tucked away sand strips, the century-old oaks and plant species attract millions of representatives of the feathered world and turn the “Bird bay” into an oasis of the nature, untouched for centuries.

Numerous archeological monuments, the most ancient of which date 8000 years ago, transform the coast around Rusalka in a unique archeological reserve.
The ancient and medieval fortresses, the rock tombs, the caves, sacrificial rocks and nowadays are an attractive centre for archeologists from all over the world.


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Holiday settlement RUSALKA