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The national archeological reserve YAYLA

The national archeological reserve Yayla is a unique place, which combines archeological remains with natural facts. Located at 2 km. to the south of village of Kamen Bryag, the Yayla represents a seaside terrace with area of 300 decares, separated from the sea by 50 – 60 meter cliff massifs.

On the territory of the reserve are located numerous monuments, which comprise different historical epochs. Here is located a “cave town” of 101 „dwellings”, which were populated as early as V millennium B. C. They were used in the course of millennia as dwellings, and some of them as tombs or churches. By the found stone instruments is fixed life of 5 millennia B.C.
Three necropoles are excavated in the cliff massif. They are two-chamber family tombs, which consist of an antechamber and a burial chamber, which functioned during III – V century.


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The national archeological reserve YAYLA