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Town of Balchik

Balchik is one of the most ancient European towns. It was established more than 2600 years ago, around the middle of VІ century before Christ by Ionian settlers on the ruins of much earlier settlement, which was popular with the name Kruni - Springs. The ancient Balchik is a sea resort, which is located near Albena, Golden Sands and Kranevo. The resort offers its visitors magnificent sand beaches, opportunity for vacation of full value and abundant history. In the town interesting sights are: the Botanical garden, Architectural – Park Complex the Palace, Mutual school, Ethnographic museum, Fine art gallery, Town historical museum, Teketo. In the region of Balchik are located Kaliakra Cape, Kamen Bryag, the Petrified forest. Distance: Sofia - Balchik - 489 km. Varna – Balchik - 43 km. Albena - Balchik - 18 km. Golden Sands - Balchik - 27 km.

The Botanical garden - Balchik
It is also included in the List of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria and is at 24-th place in it. The garden belongs to St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University and was established in year 1955. The visitors may look at wonderful flowers as much as they want, there is a great diversity of species of bushes and trees from different parts of the world.


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Town of Balchik